The interest in digital signage systems has been increasing as organisations get more and more sophisticated with targeting their communication to audiences in various retail, corporate and hospitality spaces or venues. But at the same time, there is a need for the systems to be simpler to use – in terms of connectivity, content production and management of the displays.

Samsung India has recently introduced a range of Smart Signage displays that are aimed at making it much easier to manage displays and to deploy them in different types of applications.


These displays (such as the model EB40D) provide several features appropriate for digital signage applications:

Create and update custom content directly on your PC with no hassle

Samsung SMART Signage provides easy-to-use professional tools for simple content creation, editing, scheduling and deployment. The tools have over 200 sample templates from one which you can select the one most appropriate to the applications, the template layout can be customised to fit your content. Once the content is finalised you can set the schedule and conveniently deliver your promotional or informational content when needed. With Samsung’s easy content management solution, MagicInfo Express, you can easily create content with your PC.

Samsung SMART Signage

A perfect combination of TV and digital signage to boost your business

The SMART Signage displays are integrated displays which provide a combined TV and digital signage to enhance the experience of customers with different types of content. They can deliver entertaining content through live TV channels, and then switch to displaying impactful store advertising such as promotions and special events. By more effectively curating both engaging and informative content stored in its ample flash memory, businesses can dazzle their viewers and boost revenue.

Easy mobile content management for on-the-go business

A SMART Signage allows you to manage and deploy content from your mobile device for greater flexibility. The display has an embedded Wi-Fi solution for hassle-free connectivity allowing you to simply download the MagicInfo Express mobile application and conveniently edit promotional content on a mobile device screen. You can upload your mobile content directly, and then instantly play the uploaded content on the screen.

Keep your business running with reliable and durable signage

Of course, each SMART Signage combines world-class picture quality with commercial-grade technologies for dependable and continuous usage. They can operate up to 16 hours per day, even in harsh conditions such as high temperatures or high humidity for reliable use in various business environments.

Attain more display impact with greater flexibility

Install your SMART Signage either horizontally or vertically for greater flexibility and more impact. With portrait mode installation you can choose from over 100 portrait-mode templates, so you can design your business messaging to suit your unique needs. You can also easily rotate the screen 90 degrees and take full advantage of the displays versatility without affecting its performance.

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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India