When it comes to technology in video walls, the primary focus tends to be making the gaps between the screens smaller and less noticeable – for a smooth and seamless display. In order to achieve the best visual performance for content – whether it’s promotional or detailed data in a NOC, the key goals are to achieve the thinnest LCD, easiest installation, and 24×7 reliability.

Planar has recently introduced 46″ Clarity Matrix LX46HDU-L with G2 Architecture, which features Full HD resolution, LED backlighting and a mere 3.7mm bezel gap for outstanding tiled visual performance. This display has a standard brightness of 500 nits for performance in even brighter ambient lighting, and an easy axis mounting system, which is perfect for panel-to-panel alignment and various usage environments.

Very interestingly, this product eliminates the need for AC power outlets behind the displays — since the electronics and power supply are working off-board. This means that the extra weight, depth, heat, and potential points of failure can be placed in one location for maintenance and the display can be protected from potential sources of damage. A single power supply module can power up to eight displays.

The built-in video extension capabilities have been also been expanded, so the inputs can be co-located with the source up to 500 feet (150 meters) away from the video wall.

Planar's 46" Clarity Matrix LX46HDU-L video wall display

Some of the features are as follows: 

Full HD resolution and LED back-lighting

Outstanding tiled visual performance

Standard brightness of 500 nits 

Ideal for lighter usage environments

Eliminates the need of AC power outlets at the display

24/7 reliability

Easy maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

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(image and content courtesy : www.planar.com)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India