In climates that are tropical (such as India), there is great variance in climate over different parts of the year and even a high degree of change during different times of the day. Heat and humidity can have adverse effects on projection screens and can lead to image degradation which cannot be anticipated.

A recent introduction from DNP is their WVF Screen (Wide View FEL Screen) which has high brightness and excellent viewing angles especially for rear projections – and is designed for video walls. The WVF screen doesn’t change as you move across from one part of the screen to the other – which means incredibly uniform levels. These are also very durable, they are made of acrylic styrene copolymer material rather than normal acrylic-based screens. They don’t expand with high room humidity and retain their dimensions even in variable environments.

The screen uses a Fresnel lens, which is extremely tolerant to ambient light and has a contrast-enhancing Black Stripe lenticular structure. This results in high-contrast, excellent viewing angles and seamless display walls with bright, speckle-free images at an attractive price point.  The WVF screens are available in 50″, 60″ 70″ & 80″ sizes.


DNP WVF Screen

Features of the DNP WVF Screen are:

Unmatched contrast and brightness uniformity for wide viewing angles

Speckle free images and no image color shift

Low humidity expansion/absorption

Multiple options for focal length

Compatible with all standard projectors


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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India