Tesira TCM-1 Beamtracking Microphone

Biamp is known for its world-renowned audio hardware and software. Tesira, Biamp’s flagship platform delivers just the same impeccable sonic performance. The Tesira TCM-1 is an AVB ceiling microphone that incorporates a pendant microphone and plenum box. Each microphone features Tesira’s beamtracking technology with three 120-degree zones, providing 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. The plenum box is equipped with an additional RJ-45 connector to enable daisy-chaining, thereby reducing the number of cables that need to be pulled, making way for simple & quick installations. Designed with usability and convenience in mind, the TMC microphones sport user-adjustable mic height and are extremely suitable for use in air handling spaces too.

The TCM microphones are exclusively designed to deliver an all-enveloping sound experience. While it is natural for people to move around while in a room, the microphone’s beamtracking technology helps maintain premium audio quality even in case of movements. Engineered to track people as they move, beamtracking mics don’t force them to stay where the lobes are aimed. Keeping in mind the larger rooms, it includes an EX-UBT expander to maximize speaker efficiency by extending the USB audio reliably throughout the entire facility. The EX-UBT is designed to support Bluetooth, thereby allowing users to have an uninterrupted mobile phone call while transitioning into a meeting room.

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Tesira TCM-1 beamtracking mics have built-in amplifiers which save time and money. The combination of built-in PoE+ amplifier not only reduces cabling costs but also makes installations faster and less expensive.

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India