Samsung QM98 & QM85

Samsung Digital Signages are embraced worldwide for their unique capability of transcending the traditional viewing experience. Backed by best-in-class picture quality, Samsung smart signages bring incredible realism in any room and enable businesses to deliver lifelike content that engages, informs and entertains.

QM 85N, QM 98N, QM 85F and QM 98F from the QM series are globally known to possess a unique combination of picture-enhancing features. Designed to perform 24*7, Samsung Digital Signages produce bright and clear pictures irrespective of the lighting conditions. Equipped with non-glare panels to offer immersive visual experience, they also facilitate PC-free meetings through a secure three -layer protection. Packed with flexible split-screen functionality, the QM series grab the audience’s attention like no other product. With its ability to display various UHD content, the QM series is providing amazing flexibility to commercial spaces of all kinds.

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The QM series is winning hearts worldwide with its powerful security and picture-enhancing features. Every digital signage from the QM series is designed to make ideas go incredibly real in commercial environments.

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