Logitech Rally Camera

Video conferencing is most of the times, a proven victim of poor lighting, awkward framing and blinding glare. Logitech Rally Camera makes way through these issues, thereby being the optimal solution. It is packed with razor-sharp 15*HD zoom, expanded 90- degree field of view and Ultra-HD imaging system to fulfill the modern needs of face-to-face collaboration.

Built to blend into modern workspaces, Rally Camera is software agnostic and works with most any audio systems. Its RightSense technology ensures phenomenal visibility from both ends of the call. It incorporates higher-end components to differentiate between objects and people for accurate light optimization. With razor-sharp optics, dynamic design, and advanced automation, Logitech Rally Camera brings boardroom-quality video for enhanced video conferencing. It suits meeting spaces of every shape and size.

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With premium industrial design and an Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally Camera tops the lineup of standalone video cameras from Logitech.

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India