Lifesize Icon 450

Lifesize Icon 450 is exclusively designed to remove complexity from huddle spaces and meeting rooms. While it’s natural for people to move around during a meeting, Icon 450 absolutely takes care of that with its smart framing sensor that automatically pans, tilts and zooms the camera to the optimal position. The sensor automatically readjusts the frame when new meeting participants enter the room and even when the existing ones make a move. Lifesize Icon 450 incredibly simplifies the meeting experience by bringing everyone into the picture, without any manual intervention.

Pairing it with a TV, an account and the Internet is the only human effort that it demands. It is equipped with intelligent components to take care of the rest. Its 82-degree wide angle lens allows all the meeting participants to sit comfortably in their huddle space without worrying about being half-cut on the screen. Its exceptionally sharp wide-angle lens delivers bright and clear images even in lowlight environments. Lifesize Icon 450 takes collaboration to a whole another level by combining video, audio and web conferencing in a single app with all the controls at the touch of a finger. No other product enhances face-to-face video communication in huddle spaces like Icon 450 does. It’s ideal for small meeting rooms and huddle rooms with up to 7 participants

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Lifesize Icon 450 is a powerful tool equipped with advanced sensors, super wide lens and incredible features for optimal face-to-face collaboration.


AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India