New Trends: Can enterprise video collaboration rely on the Cloud?



As cloud-based video conferencing solutions continue to mature, this article provides some hints about the parameters that you need to consider when evaluating cloud versus hardware-based video conferencing systems.

NOTE: The article mentioned above has been contributed by Cisco Systems

The key factors that the author recommends that businesses consider are:

Simplicity, which is critical for user adoption

Reliability, especially once users have become accustomed to its use

Scalability, as usage is certain to climb once users are comfortable with video

Security, especially encryption of call traffic

A few other observations made by the author bear close consideration:

“IT managers are often confused by the cost considerations with video collaboration. One consideration is whether to develop a dedicated, fixed cost network or subscribe to a pay-as-you-go service.”

Some cloud-based video conferencing services charge what seems like a low price per minute, per user, but as the service gets more popular, users will be making more calls, talking longer and inviting more people online, generating a sticker shock bill at the end of the month.”

“…the true cost of video collaboration lies in the cost of not deploying at all”


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