Today’s commercial buildings contain a great deal of technology and the trend is that this is becoming more and more integrated. So, organisations must now be able to intelligently manage AV, voice and data, lighting, security, HVAC and anything else that has a network connection. In order to do this all these different systems must be networked, managed, and controlled in a completely new way.

A special report by Crestron discusses how smart commercial buildings are changing the way we view building technology. It also discusses how all of these systems, including AV, lighting, energy, voice and data, security, room scheduling, HVAC systems, and more are all on the same platform so that they work together seamlessly.

Everything can be managed through a centralised dashboard and this means that the integrated network brings reliability to all technology in the building, and when all technology is reliable and intelligently connected, employees are more productive and efficient. And, what’s more, this technology is also environment-friendly.

Some advantages of the integrated network:

The integrated network lets you:

Anticipate office equipment problems before they happen and respond to issues immediately
Receive automatic, instant notifications on any web-enabled computer, smart device or touch screen
Reduce tech support cases and downtime
Track and manage energy consumption to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint
Automatically take actions based on room and equipment usage data

Intelligent buildings are increasingly becoming the norm and the integrated network ensures that this increases efficiency and productivity, even as it reduces costs. So, enjoy working in your smart business building…

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