The investments in digital signages are growing fast, which means that businesses need to compete for attention with others looking for viewers’ time and attention.

But this also means that standing out from the clutter of visual communication requires more than just interesting creatives – it needs to achieve several other objectives at the same time – measurability, interactivity, and also fitting seamlessly into the ambience of the environments they are placed in.

Making Digital Signage Stand Out from Infocomm International goes into a little detail on the subject.

Some very interesting insights from this report…

“Bunn says content that simultaneously brands, merchandises, promotes and improves the ambience of a location typically generates the best outcomes.”

“An integrated solution used gaze tracking to trigger or superimpose content for live playback in real-time. It also identified the gender, age, movement, and gaze duration of passersby.”

“The key, Bunn says, is to first determine business goals, then define the content that will achieve those goals, and only then select the technology that will deliver the content that will achieve the goals.”

“You need a certain amount of people passing by a location for digital signage to make sense. That’s why many deployments are in airports or railway stations, where you have huge footfall at certain times.”

“Ultimately, a call to action is crucial for grabbing and retaining customers’ attention. “In our experience, if you have a call to action linked to a mobile device, people are more willing to share their private information with you than with a touchscreen…”

All of this leads us to believe that digital signage strategies are reaching an inflection point – and businesses looking to leverage them need to invest in innovative new technology – but while keeping their business goals firmly in mind.

The digital signage of the near future are going to feature viewer metrics, interactivity, compelling high resolution, and 3D content – all designed to engage viewers.

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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India