In the modern business environment, it is clear that the businesses that thrive are the ones that collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Audiovisual technologies play an increasingly important role in enabling this, especially as real-time video collaboration grows more popular.

In this interesting info-graphic, Infocomm (the world’s leading body of AV professionals), talks about the direction in which Corporate AV is headed, and how exceptional experiences for users can be created.

Infocomm shares some interesting statistics about the effectiveness of AV technology…

“90% said it would be useful if they could display content onscreen from their smartphone or tablet during a meeting.”

“80% of communication consists of non-verbal visual cues, therefore when video is added to a meeting, participants are more likely to stay focused.”

“Digital signs capture 400% more views than traffic signs.”

“100 million people worldwide used over 100 billion minutes of audio conferencing in 2014.”

“79% say typical meetings would be more effective if information from more than one person could be visible at the same time.”

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