The AVNetwork has a vision for the future of technology-enabled learning spaces, and they’ve described it in some detail here. Read the complete article to see if you can get some useful ideas to give your classroom design and integration project a jump start.

A few insightful extracts from the article…

“Ideally, the collaborative classroom centers around six to nine students grouped at a table in sets of three. At their table is a group display where they can share what they are working on with the rest of the table.

“BYOD is a trend that does not appear to be slowing down, and as students and instructors come to rely on their own devices, they will demand that they work effectively in the classroom as well.”

“Once a (wireless video) standard is uniformly adopted, the limitations of using a tablet as the primary teaching resource will disappear.”


Some of key trends that they’ve identified are:

Collaborative classrooms

Bring your own devices (BYOD)

Wireless Video

Lecture capture for virtual classrooms

Audio-video bridging

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