Today, most quality control systems are compatible with a wide range of controllers – touchpanels, software on tablets, remotes, wall switches and so on. While the touch controls get most of the attention because they are wireless and have an attractive, there is a lot of practical utility to using wall mounted controllers in networked AV environments. These controllers are simple to locate (fixed), simple for anyone to use, reliable and extremely sturdy compared to the average tablet device.

Extron has recently launched a series of easy-to-use Ethernet controllers, which handle Power, input selection, volume control and control of AV devices such as Projectors, displays, Video sources. These products (MLC Plus 50, MLC Plus 100 and MLC Plus 200) help manage, monitor and control AV devices using standard Ethernet network.

The controllers are wall mountable, refined and stylish in appearance and enable Power over Ethernet (PoE). Power and communications are received over a single ethernet cable, thus eliminating the need for a local power source. The products also have the capability to transmit power to devices at any end-point that has LAN capability.

Some key features common to these controllers are: 

Manage, monitor, and control AV devices using a standard Ethernet network

Variety of RS-232, IR, and digital ports for enhanced flexibility

Support the new Extron Control App for convenient iPad room control

Buttons can be configured as per user needs and it is fully customizable using Extron’s configuration software

MLC Plus 200 controller

(Image credit: Extron)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India