As a picture is always worth than a thousand words, so a crystal clear Video Conference is dramatically better than a phone call. But while enterprise video conferencing via specialised VC rooms and board rooms is a powerful solution, those without access to this infrastructure have had to make do with ‘consumer grade’ VC tools (like Skype and Google Hangouts) which aren’t as reliable.

A new generation of video conferencing software is bringing the benefits of both these approaches to desktop PCs, by combining the low cost and flexibility that Soft-VC offers and the high-quality and reliability platform of enterprise VC.

One such example is Polycom’s RealPresence Desktop video conferencing software, which is a powerful application that allows customers/clients to interact with each other from a desktop PC. It extends high-quality desktop video conferencing well beyond the usual boundaries of conference rooms, allowing employees and individuals across the enterprise to interact with each other.

The software provides easy-to-use HD video conferencing, HD voice, and content collaboration to individuals at all levels of the organization. It provides the power of high-definition, face-to-face communications to your personal workspace, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.


Below are some key benefits of RealPresence Desktop 

It allows control of the room system from the comfort of your chair, sending the PC content without ever touching the remote.

Its priced to allow more people in the organisation to work together with advanced systems

Polycom’s Acoustic Bubble technology reduces the background/unwanted noise from the next cubicle

The presence feature tells you if your colleague is available at a glance, and you can send a quick chat message to set up a video call in seconds

Connect your laptop to your room-based video system for control and presentation capabilities right from the comfort of your chair

Allows organisations to deploy individual licenses to smaller groups at a low cost

Achieve high performance even with low network bandwidth

Connect with the simplicity of making a phone call and hear every word and see every expression with high-definition audio and video

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