Software codecs are gaining popularity as a videoconferencing solution for businesses. There are products available with unique AV interfacing and processing features that allow you to integrate professional-grade sources into your Lync, Skype, WebEx, or other software codec for an enterprise-class videoconferencing experience.

One such product is Extron’s MediaPort200. This product is an HDMI to USB bridge for integrating pro AV sources or systems with software codec conferencing applications. It works seamlessly with a computer using generic USB video and audio drivers. The MediaPort 200 features an HDMI input with HDCP-compliant loop through, accepts signals up to 1920×1200, and scales video to a USB 2.0 output.

Audio features include program and mic inputs, HDMI audio de-embedding, and USB bidirectional audio, plus Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) reference and line level outputs. The MediaPort 200 also includes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with EQ, filters, mixing, dynamics, and ducking.

This product serves as a complete soft codec bridge, with the added flexibility of integrating into larger hardware codec or DSP systems. The MediaPort 200 enables versatile integration of conferencing PCs into pro AV system designs.

The MediaPort 200 bridges the gap between simple Webcam-to-computer solutions and traditional hardware videoconferencing systems. For small meeting spaces with just a PC and display, this product is ideal for enhancing audio and video quality by adding support for professional-grade equipment such as videoconferencing PTZ cameras, boundary microphones, and sound reinforcement systems.

Extron MediaPort 200

In boardrooms and large conference rooms, the MediaPort 200 easily integrates a conferencing PC into a fully equipped AV system with a hardware codec, video distribution and processing, control, DSP, microphones, and full sound reinforcement.

However, installing and integrating the MediaPort 200 presents some unique challenges. These include incorporating high-end cameras, microphones, or AV equipment.

The DSP in the MediaPort 200 is ideal for optimizing mic and program source signals, as well as outgoing signals bound for the PC, sound reinforcement systems, or outboard DSPs. This product can also deliver far-end audio as a dedicated AEC reference output to an AEC-equipped DSP, to provide distributed AEC processing for several microphones.

Its features are as follows:

Supports popular software communications platforms including Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, Adobe Connect, and Cisco WebEx
Seamlessly integrates pro AV sources or systems into software codec applications
HDCP-compliant HDMI input and loop-through
Accepts HDMI computer and video resolutions up to 1080p/60 and 1920×1200
USB 2.0 device connection appears as generic Webcam to host computer
Video scaling provides USB output from 320×180 to 1080p/30 to match common software codec requirements and Scaled USB streaming video output with MJPEG encoding
Integrated audio DSP with comprehensive audio mixing and signal processing capabilities for HDMI, USB, and analog audio and USB 4×2 audio interface
Front panel LED indicators for HDMI and USB signal status
Internal video test patterns and pink noise generator for calibration and setup
Ethernet monitoring and control
RS-232 control port
Built-in Web pages
Easy setup and commissioning with Extron’s PCS – Product Configuration Software

So, now you know about how to integrate and enjoy enterprise-grade video conferencing, using this product. Here’s to a seamless video experience!

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