Now, teachers can concentrate on the lesson, without worrying about whether students are engaging with them. Students can take advantage of an interactive learning experience and can collaborate with their teachers in real time.

The tool that can make all of this happen, is the VIA Campus by Kramer. This tool maximises the learning experience and can make both educational and corporate environments more interactive. Its main use, however, is in the education space.

Using any laptop or mobile device, students and teachers can view the main display. What’s more, they can edit documents together in real time, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, share any size file and much more!

VIA Campus also lets teachers use advanced teaching techniques, such as e-polling and e-exams. In this way, teachers can instantly measure how much students are actually learning.

This tool has several powerful features and lets you do several different things in the learning space. For example, you can connect wirelessly with your own device; show any content from your iOS or Android device on the main display; share uninterrupted full HD wireless video streaming (up to 1080p60) and photos; drag and drop files to the cloud to share instantly with other users, and share any file size with any number of participants.

A modern, connected classroom

Besides this, VIA Campus lets you collaborate in unique ways. It lets you chat with other participants; lets you join the meeting remotely with third-party apps, such as Microsoft Office, Skype, GotoMeeting, Lync, and WebEx; lets you view the main display on your own device; lets you open any browser to display content from a Web site; and lets you present 4K-UHD content to compatible 4K-UHD displays.

Some of the key benefits are:

Bring your Own Device (BYOD) and Go Wireless: You can instantly present any laptop or mobile device on the main display.

Easy to use: You, as a teacher, can focus on teaching, rather than worrying about the technology.

Engage and collaborate effectively: You can enhance student engagement with collaborative tools, such as group editing in real time, digital whiteboard annotation, any-size file sharing, e-voting, and e-exams.

So, if you’re an educator, a student, or even a corporate worker, you can avail of this tool to enhance collaboration and learning in a highly interactive way. This tool has many advantages and can turn your classroom or meeting room into an interesting and engaging place. Here’s to interesting and innovative teaching and learning!

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