Today, the ability to stream live and recorded content from AV-enabled rooms is becoming a feature that businesses find extremely useful. It provides a very simple way to share important information in collaborators who are unable to participate for some reason, and also to help maintain records of critical meeting for referral later.

Extron has introduced the SMD 202 H.264 streaming media player and decoder to help with this – and the product provides the facility to integrate media playback and live streaming into AV application. It plays back media files from internal, local, or network storage and decodes these when a feed is being received.

The SMD 202 features advanced signal processing, scaling and aspect ratio management, which delivers high-quality signals to AV displays. The on-screen display provides valuable device and status information and helps you set up and select sources with an optional handheld remote control or by using the front panel on the SMD 202. This streaming media decoder can also be controlled using Ethernet, RS-232, or wired IR connection.

How it works

SMD 202 can be used to stream live video and audio during popular events. At the live event, a streaming media processor captures video from a laptop with camera video and audio of the speaker, encoding, recording, and streaming the presentation to the SMD 202 in the room. The SMD 202 supplies the HDMI signal to a projector and provides stereo audio to a sound reinforcement system. After the event content can be shared from a laptop connected to the SMD 202’s HDMI input. Media files saved on the network in a shared directory are also available for playback from the SMD 202.

Common applications of this device include multi-channel AV streaming systems, high-resolution AV signage systems and media playback in exhibits or kiosks.

Key features of this product include 

It plays back media files from internal memory, USB storage, removable SD card or network shares

It decodes live H.264 streaming using a variety of streaming protocols

Live events/video and audio can also be streamed

It has a wide range of output resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1200, including 1080p/60

Supports streaming resolutions from 480×320 up to 1080p/60

Controls from the front panel, Ethernet, RS-232, or wired IR connection.

Effective management of live streaming and media playback (play in a loop or as a part of a playlist)

Seamless still image and video transition effects

Fill/follow/zoom aspect ratio management

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