Everyone is aware that videos are a popular way to entertain ourselves, and one of the easiest ways to make a video live and interesting is to have great audio. Microphones play a major role, as it is these mics that have the biggest effect on the quality of the recordings.

TG L58cTG L58c1

Beyerdynamic has introduced the TG L58c and the TG I53c Stereo-Set which have very interesting features and specifications.

The TG L58c, also called a Lavalier microphone, is a lapel mic, which is commonly used in presentations, plays, theatres, radio, television, and film editing. Its omnidirectional polar pattern is the composition that allows a lot of flexibility in positioning the mic, and can normally be worn on your clothing or on your face. It is also water and sweat-proof, and is insensitive to pop noises.

Some of the features are:

High quality microphone

Wide frequency range

Omnidirectional polar pattern

Neutral sound

Solid plastic housing with metal grille

Robust metal clamp for optimal positioning

The TG I53c Stereo-Set is a condenser microphone, which is commonly used in choir, piano, and drum-kit recordings. The frequency response and high sensitivity from the various sound sources collate together, making this stereo set an ideal tool for music recordings . It is lightweight, robust, and flexible. The TG I53c pair of microphones along with the stereo bar can easily be fastened into a stand.

TG I53c Stereo-Set

Some of the features are:

Cardioid polar pattern suitable for loud sounds

Optimally tuned TG I53c condenser microphone stereo pair

Carbon fibre reinforced housing which is light and robust

Extremely light for flexible use as an overhead microphone

Includes 2x MKV 109 microphone clamps, 2x wind shields, stereo bar, and case

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