Create seamless large-scale displays in the size you need with the dnp Supernova Infinity screen

If you’ve always wanted a fixed screen that you can tailor to your needs, even as you create large-scale displays, the dnp Supernova Infinity screen is for you! The dnp Supernova Infinity screen is a modular screen system that can create screen images of incredible size out of any number of screen units from the Supernova family.

This screen has a unique aluminium structure, which transforms the Supernova Screen into a building block for creating large-scale displays in whatever size you need. Supernova Infinity has a very large screen size and it is a viable alternative to dnp rear projection solutions.

The major components of the Supernova Infinity screen are optical screen modules, an aluminium structure, suspension wires, very strong magnets and the surrounding frame. This screen also comes with foot supports, wall mounting brackets, or ceiling suspension wires, depending on the type of installation. This screen can either stand on the floor, or can be hung from the wall or ceiling.

This screen is very simple to install and a Supernova Infinity screen of up to 300″ can be installed in one day by a trained installer. This screen works best indoors.

This screen is sold in modules with all parts included. Also, the Supernova Infinity does not come in standard sizes. Each project is individually calculated and since it is a modular building system the upper size is considerable.

All modules of the screen need to be of identical size, with the maximum module size and the required image area determining the number of modules needed. Also, there is no physical seam between modules. The precision-cut modules are stacked closely together, making the gap between two modules practically invisible at a short distance. The Supernova Infinity appears absolutely seamless at a normal viewing distance.

This screen works best in natural light as well as brightly-lit environments and demands very high image quality. This screen can be used in large conference rooms and boardrooms, and in university conference rooms and lecture halls.

Some of the features are:

Has a front projection in brightly-lit environments
Comes in an unlimited screen size
Offers a seamless viewing experience
Is easy to install
Makes soft-edge blending possible
Is compatible with all standard projectors
Boasts full-colour balance conservation
Is 4K compatible

So, if you need a large screen installation with very high image quality, you know which screen to install. The dnp Supernova Infinity screen will let you view seamless images even if you’re up close. Here’s to a superb viewing experience!

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