Do you want all of your meeting room systems to connect seamlessly with each other? Do you want to integrate with Crestron’s all-in-one presentation systems without any system programming? Now it’s easy…simply install and use the Crestron Media Presentation Button Panel B10 (MP-B10) with the .AV framework. This framework now supports the MP-B10.

The MP-B10 consists of a 3-gang, 10-button wall mount control panel. It has customisable backlit labeling, LED feedback, and a volume control knob. It also has a single-wire interface via Ethernet or Cresnet.

It provides simple, reliable and economical control of presentation systems in classrooms, training rooms, and meeting rooms. It can be mounted on a wall or in a lectern and it pairs with Crestron’s all-in-one presentation systems using the .AV framework. This means that no custom programming is required. Setup can be done in just minutes.

The MP-B10 buttons provide source select, mute toggle, and system off functionality right out of the box. Set up is fast and easy from the .AV Framework page on an iPad or optional touch screen. You can choose your sources and display from the menu. No custom programming is needed. Both Cresnet and Ethernet communications are supported.

Perfect for AV control in classrooms

This product is perfect for AV control in classrooms or any other budget-sensitive applications. Even though hardware cost is a consideration, not having to program these systems makes this solution truly affordable.

Using this fully-functioning presentation system for every room makes the meeting experience smoother. Each of these presentation systems resides on the managed network.

You can use the MP-B10 everyday in a typical classroom, meeting room, lecture hall, or training facility. It has 10 programmable “hard key” buttons. These can be programmed for any function, such as system power, input source selection, transport control, and lighting presets.

You can also facilitate custom backlit labeling of the buttons by using an assortment of pre-printed labels or by using Crestron Engraver software. You can also adjust audio volume and other parameters by using the continuous-turn control knob and the LED bargraph.

The MP-B10 requires just one wire for operation. It can be powered through the network wiring, using either Cresnet or PoE (Power-over-Ethernet). It also uses a built-in IR receiver to provide a gateway for Crestron IR wireless touchpanels and handheld remotes.


Connected meeting room spaces
Connected meeting room spaces


This product comes with a light sensor, which is programmable for controlling its backlight intensity. It also provides ambient lighting level data to the control system for other applications.

You can add MP-B10 support to the different presentation systems currently installed by downloading a firmware update.

The MP-B10 features are as follows: 

A pushbutton control panel that can be wall-mounted

10 programmable buttons with LED feedback

Backlit button labels that are customisable

Volume control knob and LED bargraph

Built-in light sensor

Built-in IR receiver

Cresnet and 10/100 Ethernet

802.3af Power-over-Ethernet compatible

Rugged construction

3-gang wall-mountable

So, now you know more about how to control the various Crestron meeting room systems through the MP-B10. All you have to do is install it as a wall-mountable system and control your different meeting room systems seamlessly. Here’s to a smooth and smart meeting room experience!

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