Connect to audio and video conferencing in huddle rooms with the Devio collaboration system from Biamp

Increasingly, workspaces are becoming more open, with meetings seamlessly moving from larger conference rooms to small huddle rooms. However, for these smaller rooms, there needs to be a much more flexible collaboration system, that makes collaboration fast, simple, and intuitive.

The Devio collaboration system consists of an easy-to-connect device (Devio CR-1) and an advanced beamforming microphone (Devio DTM-1). These devices enable meetings to be equipped with high-quality laptop-based audio and video conferencing for enhanced user engagement and productivity.

With workspaces migrating towards open office floor plans, employees need spaces where they can gather and brainstorm without disturbing co-workers. Devio is a unique Unified Communications collaboration solution that enables people to quickly transition from their desk or cubicle to a collaboration space. They can then connect their laptop to the technology in that room, and start collaborating with colleagues in person and via soft-codec conferencing systems like Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and more.

Devio brings high-end audio input and output and easy connectivity to in-room technology like displays, web cameras and more. All it needs for this is a single USB 3.0 connection to a Windows or Mac OS X-based computer.

Once connected to the CR-1, end users can share content locally and initiate their preferred soft codec from their computer, without learning how to use additional software applications or devices. With embedded DisplayLink USB graphics technology, Devio is able to send and receive audio and video over USB and extend the computer desktop to two displays.

Devio enables flexible options to create the ideal huddle room setup. The CR-1 back panel includes two HDMI outputs to support in-room displays. It also includes a USB 2.0 port for USB web camera connectivity, and a 4-pin headset jack for phone bridging.

Audio output options include an integrated 20W powered 2-pin connector for rooms, using passive speaker options or an RCA-output for an amplified connection. Devio also includes Auto Setup, which automates the setting of audio input and output levels. This reduces installation time and ensures that remote participants can hear and be heard.

Multiple CR-1 units in an installation can be managed centrally using the Devio software administration utility (SAU) or via SNMP. Also, firmware and configurations can be mass-deployed.

Devio also comes bundled with the DTM-1 beamforming microphone. This provides clear intelligibility and superb audio quality. This is an 8-element DTM-1 microphone that features 360-degree coverage collected from three 120-degree zones. This microphone tracks voices in each zone and mixes audio from multiple zones, giving remote conference participants a natural representation of the conversation as it occurs. Devio also provides Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction to further optimize meeting audio.

The Devio collaboration system is engineered to fit into any space and minimizes clutter. The CR-1 has a mounting clip that enables it to be installed on top of or under the room’s work surface, or even mounted on a wall behind a display. The DTM-1 can also be mounted to the table, minimizing cables and securing the microphone’s position in the room.

Some of the features are:

Devio brings Biamp’s full conference room audio to smaller spaces, such as huddle rooms.
USB 3.0 allows a customer to plug into his or her laptop to use the in-room technology for audio and video conferencing.
An 8-element microphone provides 360 degrees of coverage for clear, concise audio.
Acoustic Echo Cancellation removes unwanted noise for natural, clear conversations on the far end.
Comes in a compact design for flexible installation and placement.
Offers simple pass-through HDMI® connectivity, and supports up to two displays via DisplayLink USB graphics technology.
Devio supports both PC and MAC systems, and is forward compatible.
Auto Setup simplifies installation by automatically optimizing audio levels.
Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) helps technology managers see the current state of all Devio devices on the network, including status indicators for power, microphone connectivity, auto-setup, and USB connections.

So, now you know all about Devio, a seamless collaboration system for smaller meeting spaces. This is the future of collaboration technology, with more and more companies creating huddle rooms for augmented collaboration and faster decision making. Here’s to efficient and effective audio and video collaboration in your huddle rooms…always!

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