Collaboration gets friendlier with new integrated collaboration devices

For most users, collaboration technology doesn’t impress or encourage adoption unless the device they are accessing it through is intuitive, powerful and reliable.

A new set of devices launched by Cisco seems to provide an almost ideal solution by packing in all the applications that most users need for business communication in a single device.

Their DX Series offers HD video, unified communication features, Android applications, IM and Email in a single integrated device. Easy-to-use touch-screens make them really intuitive and suitable for use in various work environments — including as replacements for office desktops, in home offices, in shared workspaces (customer care agents, nurses at nurse stations, retail staff, etc.) and in shared quiet rooms.

The DX series range of devices includes:

Cisco DX650, which is best described as a very compact, multi-utility endpoint with a simple 7-inch, 16:9 screen for an engaging experience for video calls and processing needs

Cisco DX70, which is a midsize device with a 14-in. fully touch-based screen and the ability to share PC content while in meetings

Cisco DX80, Which is an all-in-one 23-inch touchscreen with the ability to share PC content while in meetings. It defines the desktop experience with just one screen on the desk.

Some notable features of these devices are:

Security Enhanced Android (SE) Operating System combined with Cisco end-to-end security features gives peace of mind to network administrators.

Support for life-like HD video meetings with any standards-based H.264 AVC device, including smartphones

Fully compatible with Cisco TelePresence® systems, Cisco WebEx® and video-enabled Cisco Jabber® applications and can be used as just a Cisco Unified IP Phone unit

Cisco Extension Mobility supports multiple profiles, allowing hot-desking and shared workspaces.

Native Cisco AnyConnect VPN makes connecting to the workplace from the home office quick and easy.

Can run Presence, Instant Messaging, and Android applications

(Image Credit: Cisco)

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