You may wonder what a screen display has to do with cancer. Well, if you’re talking about the installation of a dnp Supernova screen at the Beijing Cancer Hospital, China, then, plenty.

The Beijing Cancer Hospital’s new lecture hall is used for training and research, including live broadcasts of surgery. This means that clarity of images is paramount for a large, educated and discriminating audience. A huge Supernova Core Screen was installed in the new lecture hall for a superb learning experience.

The Beijing Cancer Hospital is one of China’s most famous, large hospitals specialising in cancer research and treatment. It has 790 beds, 26 clinical departments and 13 medical technological departments. The facility also has a new 70-plus seat lecture hall which is not just used for broadcasting live surgery for training, but also for surgical research, conferences, discussions and distance learning.

The Beijing Cancer Hospital consulted dnp’s partner in China, who recommended a super-wide 6.3 x 1.5 m dnp Supernova Core Screen. This system is designed for clarity and uses three Barco W6 6000 ANSI lumens HD projectors with edge blending.

It enables the screen to accept a number of source inputs, including local laptop devices, video and X-ray images from WolfVision visualizers, all of which demand the excellent clarity of the screen. The image was large and seamless with a superb picture quality. Due to the high image quality, students and practitioners can also follow speeches and presentations on the screen.

So, now you know that this Supernova screen can be used for a variety of purposes, including for research and training in a state-of-the-art cancer hospital. This not only benefits doctors and medical students, but also patients who visit the hospital for cutting-edge treatment. Here’s to the best cancer care possible…

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