What you can actually do with video in different industries – Part III

In the last article we discussed how video can be used in different industries, including Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, and Oil, Gas and Energy. In this third and last article, we shall discuss the remaining applications for video in different industries. So, here goes…

1) Procurement: Using video for procurement means that this department can ensure international sourcing and also stringent quality control. Also, procurement professionals can conduct global collaboration sessions and can conduct remote products and service reviews.

2) Consultancy: It may sound farfetched, but this department can benefit a lot from video. Consultants can conduct global collaboration sessions and can also conduct partner review meetings, so that all professionals are on the same page. Also, consultants can conduct virtual client meetings and can avail of remote expert support.

3) R&D Engineering: This is a core department and has increasingly begun using video for various purposes. One of them is for contractor and vendor meetings, which are key to this department. Engineers can also avail of distance learning using video, as well as remote quality control and supply chain management. Other uses include progress review meetings, global collaboration sessions and stakeholder communications. The latter is particularly important, so that all stakeholders are in sync with this department.

4) Sales: This is a customer-facing department and can avail of video for various purposes. Sales professionals can check in with Headquarters using video. They can also participate in global collaboration sessions, partner conferences, and quarterly business reviews. Remote customer meetings can be held using video, and sales professionals can stream, record, and archive their best practices or success stories, using video.

5) State and Local Government: Strange as it may sound, video can benefit this department as well. Local government departments can accelerate the judicial process, including warrants, stay of hearing, and so on. They can conduct distance learning and training programs. Also, important announcements and communications can be broadcast live. Remote collaboration with local and global colleagues is possible, as is streaming, recording, and archive of best practices and policies for future playback.

So, these are all of the different ways in which video can work with different industries to make communication and collaboration easy and seamless. This will only increase as all of the industries discussed, will continue to use video more and more. This concludes our three-part series. Here’s to the effective and continued use of video…

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(Content courtesy: www.lifesize.com and images courtesy: www.dekom.com and www.orbitinfobd.com)

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