Presenting business messages in a way that attracts, and holds the interest and attention of clients, is the goal of any business or retailer. The goal is always to leave a lasting impression about your brand or product in an affordable and ideal way.

Samsung has recently introduced the new DBD Series displays, to help businesses achieve this goal, with a product that delivers flexible connectivity and high indoor performance. These displays are bright and easy to control and install, for a wireless, uncluttered display configuration without a separate PC unit. It even eliminates the need for external media players.

Inside is a new quad-core processor, the powerful 2nd Generation SSSP which has twice the processing speed of dual-core displays. A 1GHz quad-core CPU and 1.5 GB double data rate (DDR3) dual 48-bit memory provide a winning combination of performance and innovation. These displays allow a picture-in-picture (PIP) size of over 50 percent of the display, compared to less than 50 percent offered in dual-core displays.

These displays have a wide range of applications in retail, transportation, office, and educational environments and the (optional) touch overlay enables the display to also be used as a simple, space-saving e-board solution.

Some key features of the displays are as follows…

Sleek, cost – efficiency, advanced LED large format display (LFD)

Get more power, capacity and capability with 2nd Generation SSSP

No need for an additional PC unit

Wireless content distribution and display control with optional Wi-Fi dongle

Control various display operations easily with the new Home screen user interface (UI)

Features the same design and form factor as higher-performance models, but at a lower cost

Samsung DBD Series Professional Displays

The DBD Series displays feature a new LFD design with a slim bezel and tag-style logo. Businesses can choose the best-suited LFD for their display needs from a broad range of product sizes:
DB32D – 32″
DB40D – 40″
DB48D – 48″
DB55D – 55″

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