Avoid Facepalm moments on VC. Brush up on your Vid-etiquette

While video conferencing is becoming an increasingly important part of our work lives, it’s a relatively new communication medium for most of us. Like any other medium for conversation (chat, email, social media), VC interaction has its own set of rules, in order to facilitate smoother “many-to-many” communication.

We can be completely ourselves while video chatting with our close peers but expectations are different when we are in a professional context. As we step up the ladder in an organisational context, we need to move from the mindset and habits of mere web chatting to the more formal context of video conferencing for work. The rules that apply here are quite different and influence how you are perceived by co-workers, clients and senior management.

Polycom has a simple primer that very creatively describes all you need to know about VID-ETIQUETTE while collaborating at work. For example:

Chewing and video collaboration don’t mix


Snacking while on call doesn’t seem like a good idea. Not only does that appear unprofessional but the chewing sound isn’t very pleasing for the audience either.

No stripes or checkered patterns while on video.


It makes people dizzy! The audience wouldn’t be able to focus on the ideas spoken because of the disturbing checkered patterned shirt flashing in front of their screen.

Watch what you share on your screen


Be conscious of what is being shared. Most content sharing modes willlet us choose between sharing a specific document, an application, or an entire desktop. We need to choose wisely.

Stop showing people your nose hair

Stop showing people your nose hair

Don’t let the laptop contribute to the nose-hair view. Placing the laptop at a particular angle helps avoid embarrassment later.

Not speaking? Mute!

Not speaking? Mute!

Spare those meeting participants from the background noises and irrelevant sounds at your end.

Download the detailed POLYCOM GUIDE TO VIDIQUETTE to learn more.




(Content and Image courtesy: www.polycom.com)

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