There’s a new partnership in town and lest you wonder, it is between Actis Technologies and Delta. Delta is a leading and globally respected Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of projectors. It is the OEM for some of the leading projector brands and Delta’s products will now be available from Actis under the Vivitek brand.

Delta is also very well known for their enterprise power supply and energy management systems. They have a wide range of products, including projectors, in their lineup. These include DLP models, which means that we, at Actis, will have some very attractive additions to our range of projector offerings.

Delta’s high-performance projectors are designed to meet customer requirements and can maximise brightness by optimal lamp or ballast selection.

The projectors are also equipped with multiple optional lenses to provide versatile installation flexibility. They also have edge blending and warping capability to realise a large format or a curvature seamless image.

Delta also offers tailored colorimetry/contrast to meet home cinema or E-cinema requirements. It also offers specialty design to meet customer and partner requirements.

These projectors include:

The major single-chip DLP dual lamp projector, which is enabled for a fixed installation or a large venue.

Three-chip DLP multi-lamp projection system, which can be provided for home cinema, E-cinema, a large venue, or rental staging.

Delta also provides short throw projectors. The concept of an extreme short throw projector is designed to improve the user experience in projection display.

It saves display space, simplifies the infrastructure of the installation, and most importantly, eliminates flare from the projector and shadow. It fits many applications, such as education, a conference room, commercial, training, simulation, and so on.

Delta provides the following projectors under the Vivitek brand:

Multimedia projectors: Vivitek’s multimedia projectors are specifically designed for the most creative visual experiences. These projectors provide high brightness and can operate for many hours using high efficiency long life lamps. They deliver high performance whether for business or home office use.

Home theatre projectors: Vivitek’s home cinema projectors can be perfectly integrated into any home cinema system. They project movies with the finest detail in 1080p resolution, coupled with deep colours and high black levels to fully enjoy either 2D or 3D entertainment at home. They are ideal to create an authentic cinematic experience in your living room or dedicated home cinema room.

Pocket and Personal projectors: The Qumi series of LED projectors are designed to push the boundaries. The sleek design and small size make it the perfect companion to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Enjoy dazzling bright projections of your favourite videos or games. Presentations also come to life in HD on a large screen format of up to a 107″ image diagonal.

Education projectors: Vivitek offers a large mix of digital projectors for educational purposes. It offers teachers ease of use and reliability in the classroom. It also provides students with a great visual learning aid. This interactive education projector has robust features and innovations, such as 3D technology. It is available in a range of short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors.

Large venue projectors: These projectors are typically found in auditoriums, churches, theatres, trade shows, concerts, and other large venue events. They are high-lumen projectors capable of projecting large images for a wide variety of content.

Portable projectors: Vivitek’s line of portable projectors packs in a ton of features in small packages. They are portable and versatile and are ready to be used with various devices. They help you share and enhance your mobile lifestyle.

So, now you know all about the synergy and tieup between Delta and Actis. Here’s to a happy and optimal projector experience!

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