January 23, 2015
What are Matrix switchers

FAQ: What are Matrix switchers and why are they important in AV integration projects

As AV networks become more complex – because an increasing number of devices and rooms need to be a part of it – the use of matrix switchers becomes necessary. They allow the routing or switching of audio and video signals from multiple input sources to the one of several output devices. For example; the...
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Media Player for Digital Signage

SMART Signage displays arrive in the digital signage space

The interest in digital signage systems has been increasing as organisations get more and more sophisticated with targeting their communication to audiences in various retail, corporate and hospitality spaces or venues. But at the same time, there is a need for the systems to be simpler to use – in terms of connectivity, content production...
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DSP - Actis Blog

Tips: A Few Basics about Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Today digital signals are part and parcel of all data networks, and this includes audio-visual networks, which are quickly going digital. A basic understanding of how digital signal processors (DSPs) work is critical, because they play an important role in simplifying AV networking and also in achieving greater audio-video clarity. Put simply, as AV moves...
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All about Pyng iPad app

Home automation gets simpler with Pyng iPad app

High quality control solutions have taken a hardware first approach for a long time — but the arrival of smartphones and tablets is quickly changing this. Crestron has a new solution called Pyng that allows control of a wide variety of home automation features. The app (which is available for the iPad) allows access to...
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The_WolfVision VZ_9plus

New visualiser makes presenting documents and objects more intuitive

While most of us are increasingly using digital forms of content for our presentations – there are some situations in which using physical documents and objects continues to be necessary. This is especially true in design, healthcare, education and manufacturing applications where printouts, transparencies and slides may need to be displayed. But for many presenters,...
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